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A Moment of Compassion and Professionalism: An Encounter With A Senior Living With Dementia

A Senior Living With Dementia

It was a Tuesday morning, and the sun was just beginning to break through the curtains. Mary, a vibrant woman living with dementia, sat comfortably in her favorite chair. An experienced caregiver from Amaka Passion Homecare, Sarah, was about to start their day together. This is how their conversation went:

Sarah (smiling warmly): "Good morning, Mary. How did you sleep last night?"

Ms. Acosta (a bit confused): "I think I slept, didn't I? Are you my sister?"

Sarah (maintaining a calm and reassuring tone): "I'm Sarah, your caregiver from Amaka Passion Homecare. I'm here to help you with things around the house and make sure you're comfortable. We can be like sisters, though, if that makes you happy."

Ms. Acosta seemed reassured by Sarah's gentle response, her brows relaxing slightly.

Sarah: "Would you like some breakfast, Mary? I remember you enjoy a good bowl of oatmeal with some fresh fruits."

Ms. Acosta (smiling): "Oh yes, I love oatmeal. My mother used to make it for me."

Sarah used these opportunities to engage Mary in reminiscing, a powerful tool in dementia care.

Sarah: "That sounds wonderful, Mary. Let's have some oatmeal then. Do you want to help me make it?"

As they moved to the kitchen, Sarah kept a watchful eye on Mary, ensuring her safety while promoting her independence, a key aspect of their personalized care plan.

Throughout the day, Sarah continued to show empathy and understanding, adapting to Mary's rhythm. Their conversations, interspersed with silences, were filled with respect and patience.

In situations when Mary became more confused, Sarah used her training to effectively redirect the conversation or activity, always prioritizing Mary's emotional well-being.

A Moment of Companionship & Professionalism

This typical day at Amaka Passion Homecare illustrates how our professional caregivers apply their skills and compassion when assisting clients living with dementia. They demonstrate unwavering respect, patience, and a deep understanding of the unique needs of those in their care. At the heart of our mission is the PACT-3C model: Personalized Care, Availability 24/7, Client-Caregiver Compatibility, and Transparent Pricing, upheld by highly trained Caregivers, Continuity of Care, and Comprehensive Services.

At Amaka Passion Homecare, we are not just caregivers. We are like family, a friend, or a comforting presence, offering help, companionship, and respect. Our mission is to make every moment count, providing the best quality of life possible for our clients.


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