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When seeking a care service for your aging or a differently-abled loved one, there are many factors to consider. You undoubtedly have many concerns and reservations. We are here to help. 

Online meeting

Phone Calls

Our first contact with you will be through phone calls, text messages, or emails. The initial communication is crucial to setting up our subsequent engagement and scheduling an In-home Assessment

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In-home Assessment

Our second engagement involves an assessment where we go to your home to answer your questions and we ask some of ours. This helps us understand your needs and level of care we need to provide and a care plan is developed.

Home Schooling

Visits and Supervision

We stay in touch with you and regularly support the caregiver to ensrue that you are receiving sufficient care. If there's a need for additional services or to modify your service or any other needs that arise, we are right by your side

Start of Care

Following the in-home assessment from where the care plan is developed, we match your needs with a caregiver with the skills and understanding to serve your unique needs. 

Qualities To Expect


Engaged and Attentive listening

Our passionate caregivers listen well and offer a flexible range of services to accommodate the needs of your loved one. Our caregivers can serve as the eyes and ears for family members who can’t be there every minute.


Clear conversations about services and hours

We work with your schedule to provide caregivers around the times that will most benefit you and your loved one. We handle scheduling, service agreements, and billing matters so the caregiver can keep their focus on caring for your loved one.


A professional, reliable presence

Our caregivers are clean, professional, and reliable. They are timely, dressed neatly, and ready to serve according to the agreed-upon schedule. Our care team will always show up wearing the agency polo shirt, and name badge.


Extensive, and ongoing caregiver training

In addition to the extensive background screening, our caregivers learn dementia care, nutrient and hydration information, safe transfer techniques, how to create meaningful engagement, and a variety of other skills so they are prepared to care for even the most complex needs.


Consistent communication and 24/7 support.

Communication between caregivers, clients, care managers, family members, and the scheduling and administrative teams is essential when it comes to comprehensive care delivery and you should expect it from us and the caregiver.


Meaningful connection and quality-of-life care.

We provide more than care and assistance with the tasks of daily living. Companionship, connection, and compassion, are important aspects of care and essential to creating quality of life and well-being for your loved one.

Questions that We Get Asked Frequently
  1. How many hours of training will our caregiver have?

    Our caregivers are required to have a minimum of 75 hours of training, including both initial pre-service and ongoing in-service trainings.

  2. Do your caregivers receive training online or in the classroom?

    Our caregivers receive a combination of online and in-person classroom training to ensure they are well-prepared for all situations.

  3. Does that training involve hands-on demonstrations and practice?

    Yes, the training includes both theoretical instruction and practical hands-on demonstrations. We believe in equipping our caregivers with both knowledge and experience.

  4. Are your caregivers able to provide support with household chores, hygiene care, incontinence care, meal preparation, and other tasks of daily living?

    Absolutely, our caregivers are trained to assist with a wide variety of daily tasks, including housekeeping, personal care, meal preparation, and much more.

  5. Do you have caregivers with special training in dementia care?

    Yes, we have caregivers who have received specialized training in dementia care and they are equipped with the skills to support individuals dealing with these conditions.

  6. How can working with your agency help to minimize the health and safety risks for seniors?

    We carry out a detailed risk assessment of your loved one's living situation to identify potential hazards and suggest improvements. Additionally, our caregivers receive training in fall prevention, medication management, and emergency response.

  7. What kinds of activities and engagement do your caregivers provide to clients?

    Our caregivers provide a variety of engagement activities like board games, puzzles, reading, gardening, and physical exercises based on the client's preferences and abilities. We also help clients with socialization and outings as appropriate.

  8. What happens if my loved one needs more advanced care in the future?

    We work closely with healthcare providers and can adjust the care plan to meet changing needs. If more advanced medical care is needed, we can help facilitate this transition as well.

  9. Can we change the number of care hours without additional fees?

    Yes, we offer flexible scheduling options to meet your unique needs. Changes can be made with proper notice to ensure appropriate caregiver scheduling.

  10. What if I need additional help during holidays or weekends?

    We offer 24/7 care services, including weekends and holidays. Our goal is to ensure that your loved one always has the support they need.

  11. Will we always have the same caregiver?

    We strive to provide consistency in care, so we aim to assign the same caregiver. However, in cases of caregiver illness or time off, a substitute caregiver will be provided.

  12. Do I pay the caregiver?

    No, you will not pay the caregiver directly. All payments are managed through Amaka Passion Home Care.

  13. Can you help us access our Long-Term Care insurance benefits?

    Absolutely, we can assist with navigating the process and paperwork of accessing Long-Term Care insurance benefits.

  14. What do you charge for care?

    The cost of care varies based on the specific needs and services provided. We encourage you to contact us directly for a detailed discussion on rates.

  15. How do those fees support my loved one?

    Our fees directly support the comprehensive services we provide to your loved one, including the compensation of our highly skilled caregivers, ongoing caregiver training, and the support of our care coordination team.

  16. What is the next step, if we decide to put care in place?

    The next step would be to arrange a free in-home assessment with one of our care coordinators. They will discuss your specific needs, answer any questions, and work with you to develop a personalized care plan for your loved one.

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To Get Started With Us

1. MAKE THE CALL OR REFERRAL: We will have a short 5-10 minute call to answer any pressing concerns and set up a time to meet in person.

The number to call is 610.880.8988

2. IN-HOME CARE ASSESSMENT: We will answer all your questions, and ask some of our own to craft a Customized Care Plan for your unique needs.

3. START OF CARE: We will come with our Caregiver on the first day of care to go through the Care Plan together and help with introductions.

4. CLIENT VISITS: Based on your needs and preferences, we visit regularly or place you on our 24/7 check-in program

Going for a Run

Come Work With Us

Amaka Passion offers a well-rounded home care career in a community environment with all the advantages of working at one of the emerging premier employee-owned service providers. We offer exceptional career opportunities across the Greater Philadelphia, Chester, Montgomery, and Delaware County areas.

Make a Referral

Signs that tell you that it's time to sign up for In-Home Care for your loved one:

👉🏽Decreased Mobility
👉🏽A Decline in Hygiene and Grooming
👉🏽Physical Changes (thinner and frailer)
👉🏽Increased Forgetfulness
👉🏽Difficulty Maintaining One’s Home
👉🏽Loss of Interest in Activities and Hobbies

If a family member is experiencing any of the above signs, Give us a call at 610.880.8988
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