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Planet and Moon

Spiritual Care


Although Amaka Passion is a non-religious service provider, we serve and embrace all clients no matter what their creed or beliefs. We are sensitive to the cultural diversity of our community and treat everyone who comes to us with reverence and compassion.

How Can We Help?

Having a loved one with critical care needs can be overwhelming and often results in feelings of anxiety, fear, depression, frustration, powerlessness, and anger. Some who are ill feel despair, guilt, disbelief, loss of control, and loneliness.

Our PASSION is the commitment to providing the highest level of healthcare—while also placing a high value on you or your loved one's spiritual and emotional well-being. We believe that these play a significant role in healing and continued good health. And our healing essence extends to family members and caregivers because we know that the experience of being in a critically terminal care need does not stop with the client.

Collaborating at Work

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